Selection of films from ECOCUP festival
ECOCUP is the annual international green documentary festival. Since 2010, ECOCUP has been coming to Russia and the CIS with the most worthy documentaries from different countries telling about the life of our planet, as well as people and projects that intend to make the world a better place. Throughout the years, ECOCUP has been held in 20+ cities of Russia, 6 cities in Ukraine, 6 cities in Belarus, 2 cities in Kazakhstan, and Bishkek, the capital of Kirgizia. Since 2021, ECOCUP Festival has been a member to the International Green Film Network.
Specially for the guests and followers of the new case of ECOCUP #MBFWRussia has compiled a list of films on sustainable fashion:
- Unravel: The final resting place of your cast-off clothing, 2016 The final resting place of your cast-off clothing, 2016)

Watch, 13 minutes

This is a film telling where your unwanted clothes go. When you throw them away, they often travels eastward, across oceans, to industrial districts of India. All the way from Kutch in the west to Panipat in the north, enormous piles of clothing from all over the world are unraveled into yarn.

- The True Cost, 2015

Watch , 1 hour 32 minutes

Andrew Morgan's documentary on fast fashion. It explores lives of low-paid workers and production sites in the third world countries - as well as the consequences - pollution of rivers and soils, pesticides, diseases. Through the prism of ecological, social, and psychological aspects, the film explores consumerism and the mass media, linking these to global capitalism.
- River Blue, 2017

Watch , 1 hour 35 minutes

A documentary unveiling secrets of clothing making. Film frames will change your attitude to clothing for sure. Chemicals used to make a pair of blue jeans along with careless disposal of toxic waste produced destroys the ecosystem of rivers throughout the world

- Goodwill Dumping, 2019

Watch, 27 minutes

This documentary casts light upon the colossal scale of the industry that deals with second-hand clothes. It tells about the way followed by disposed garments and their effect on the places where they end. The film presents the butterfly effect caused by a mere donation of an old T-shirt.
You can watch this film free of charge right now during the new case of ECOCUP Festival (April 15 through 25, 2021).